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 What is life drawing and how does it work for a hen party?

Life drawing is the study of the naked male body, but the real twist is that I encourage smiles, laughs, giggles and the conversation about the nude model standing in front of you. The hen party life drawing is in a word fun! The main aim of the day is enjoyment and artistic ability really does take a back seat, although I will be more than happy to give a few suggestions or helping hand. I have a range of poses depending on the room size, can pose with the bride-to-be, or even take requests, they seem to get a little more interesting as the session progresses, and this is usually linked to all the ladies having a glass or two so a nice bottle of wine or champagne is recommended.

Life Drawing Hen Party

 What will you need?

A place to hold the hen party; typically a house, flat or other private residence. A bottle of wine or two is a good idea. Drawing materials are provided by me so everything is taken care of.

 Who is hen party life drawing for?

Another advantage of the life drawing hen party is that it is not age restricted, as anyone from 18 through to your Mother, Aunt and even your Grandmother can attend. This is because it is done in a playful and fun way, something that can be looked back on with friends and family as a real good laugh, rather than a few minutes of shame that are never mentioned again.


Life Drawing Hen Party

Does it have to be held at the weekend?

No but typically the bulk of my bookings do come for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with Saturday being the most popular day. Another advantage of the hen party life drawing is that the life drawing can be it's own separate event or a prelude to a night out on the tiles, it doesn't necessarily have to be the main event, although hopefully it will give you enough to talk about over the intervening hours or days?

Life Drawing Hen Party

Do you provide a tutor?

I will be the tutor for the day, leading you when necessary, but generally letting you enjoy the experience, remember the quality of the drawing is very definitely a secondary aim of the session.


Life Drawing Hen Party

I was rubbish at Art when I was a school, does this matter?

Not at all, however I will be happy to give out handy hints and tips, and I'm always complimentary to the artist as I'm their subject. Basically there are very few artists out there, so almost everyone is in the same box as you, so don't be embarassed because it's a bonus if you can draw, not a necessity.


Some of your pictures look very naughty, can we ask for specific poses?

Life Drawing Hen Party

 What is the difference between this and hiring a stripper?

Speaking from experience they are two very different things. A stripper will often only give you a sneak peak and to be fair it is fairly tasteless, and all over in a few minutes. A life drawing hen party is so much more than that as I remain naked throughout and you get to draw me, rather than me dancing with not alot on. I know that women gladly appear in photographs with me in the life drawing, but less so when I was a stripper.

Life Drawing Hen Party

 When is the best time to have a life drawing party?

I typically do them for hen parties but have recently done two that were just something different for these two groups of ladies to do on an evening. They were pleased with their choice so it doesn't have to be just for a hen party it can be ladies coffee mornings, wine afternoons, a birthday treat, a girly get together or maybe just a little something for the bored housewives out there.


Life Drawing Hen Party

 Do you do other venues beyond private homes?

I do mostly do it in private homes and flats, but I do also work in private function rooms when I do the same thing but with a female tutor. If you wish to arrange to hold the life drawing in a hotel or other venue with private rooms I can do this. I also can work outside as long as it is legal, ie your own back garden or own private land, but I do restrict this to just the warmer months of the year, I think you can understand why.


Life Drawing Hen Party

Can we take photographs?

Yes, as before this is an experience that most women absolutely love and truly embrace. I always end with a group photograph and will also hide my modesty so you can show even the most prudish colleagues at work. I am also happy for any photos to be taken throughout the session and will pose with anyone who wants to have their photo taken, as a more definitive memory of the day, although I do encourage you to keep your artwork of course.

Life Drawing Hen Party

 Yes I take requests on poses, in fact I encourage it as I like to get you girls involved and have the most enjoyable hen party experience possible. I can make it as tame and reserved or playful and naughty as you'd like. I treat every hen party differently and I run through a series of poses, mixed in with a few life drawing games, I'm always happy to wear a few props to give it that personal connection and I like to end with the bride to be posing alongside me, that always gets a giggle from all of the girls in the room, especially when I leave it to the rest of the group of hens to choose the pose for the two of us.

 Prices starting from £150 per group including all materials